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IMG 9032ABC Real Estate is an independently owned real estate company located in Playa Tamarindo. ABC offers the entire spectrum of real estate including vacant land like lots, fincas (larger pieces of land), development and investment properties, condominiums, townhomes and homes. We are specialized in luxury homes on or close to the beach. Our area of concentration is the Province of Guanacaste, which is located on the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica with offices in Tamarindo and Playa Negra.

We at ABC understand the enormous value of providing accurate and reliable information; important when making foreign real estate investments. International interest in Costa Rican real estate requires an understanding of how to work effectively in a multicultural environment. The agents of ABC Real Estate possess these skills and offer them with a friendly and personal touch.

Property Showcase


Casa Caribe Moderno

 Casa Caribe Moderno

Picturesque cozy home with lots of land

     3 bedroom / 4 bathrooms

      Fully furnished

     Private well

    US$ 495,000 

 Casa Caribe Moderno is a piece of art work indeed. The owner has created a comfortable ambience with an avant-garde design trend and a caribbean spirit into it.This is evidenced in the beautifully decorated living area that can be opened completely letting breeze in and bonding the interior living with the lush garden around the house....  more info

Real Estate in Tamarindo

ABC Tamarindo20140615 0101Tamarindo is a multicultural beach community in transition. It started off like most beach towns in Costa Rica but for a variety of reasons has attracted the world's attention and is evolving into a premier oceanside community. Tamarindo's infrastructure, while still needing work, is developing and the town offers substantial amenities for fine living and recreation. It is well worth a visit and you might want to become a local as part of a multicultural community. There's a wide variety of options for living here, and buying property in Tamarindo is certainly an excellent investment.


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