Restaurante Playa Tamarindo - Unbeatable business: beachfront restaurant

Reduced again now $240,000!

Price: Reduced again now $240,000!
Status: Available
Category: Commercial / Business
Office ID: ABC-B163
Locality:Tamarindo Area
Listing viewed: 3537 times
County/Municipality: Santa Cruz
Construction Size: 120m² (1,292sq.ft.) + 240m² (2,583sq.ft.)

Location, location, location… This is one of the few privileged restaurants operating in Tamarindo, right on the beach. Also it is at one of the busiest spots in town, with hundreds of thirsty and hungry tourists walking by it every day. The restaurant has been operating for over ten years in this local. Thirty two tables can sit over 134 people. Along with it comes its liquors license that allows the activity from 10:00 a.m. thru 12:30 a.m.
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Federico Jose Fernandez (Agent)
Tamarindo Guanacaste 50309
Phone: (506) 2653 0404 x107
Mobile: (506) 8998 1750
Fax: (506) 2653 0793

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