Lote Diamante - Large multi-purpose lot on commercial location.

US$ 59,000

Price: US$ 59,000
Status: Sold
Category: Lots
Office ID: ABC-L418
Locality:Tamarindo Area
Listing viewed: 598 times
County/Municipality: Santa Cruz
Land size: 1,477 m² /0.36 acres
Close to shops
Close to schools

Lote Diamante is a pure lot located on the main road that connects Tamarindo, through Villareal to Huacas. Daily passage of many locals and expat residents on their route back and forth between home and schools makes it a good location for commercial purpose. With the gorgeous, huge Guanacaste tree on the lot, it also lends itself for the construction of a beautiful family home, small hotel or B&B. At this asking price and with these multi-purpose options, you can’t go wrong.


Karen Fabré (Agent)
ABC Real Estate
Tamarindo area 50309
Phone: + 506 2653 0404
Mobile: + 506 7058 3955
Fax: + 506 2653 0793

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