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New Listing – Development property near Tamarindo- US$4,000,000

Finca Laila is a huge development property near Tamarindo located next to the exclusive golf resort community Hacienda Pinilla and just 2.5km (1.55 mls) or an 8 minutes drive to Tamarindo center and the beach. This large unspoiled piece of land is mostly flat and includes the top of one of the highest hills with breathtaking 360 degree views. The hill is known by the locals as Cerro Zonchiche, an amazing landmark within the entire area. Water and electricity is in proximity and 3 rural roads are bordering the finca; a plus for any future developments.
Finca Laila has lots of development potential and is truly a promising investment close to the beach and because of its proximity to Hacienda Pinilla and Playa Tamarindo.

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Estate Planning in Costa Rica – Testamento

“Da tua dum tua sunt, post mortem tunc tua non sunt”.
(Give that which is yours while it is yours; after death, it is not yours).

Executing a testamentary disposition or a will, in Costa Rica called “testamento”,can be one of the most reliable alternatives in estate planning.

The “testamento” is the legal instrument, executed in accordance to formalities established by CR Law, that allows a person, testator, to determine how his or her assets will be managed and distributed at the time of death as well as to appoint the executor of his estate.

In the event that a person dies without a valid “testamento”, either by absence or invalidity, the person is considered to have died “intestate” and the distribution of his assets will be governed by the intestacy laws of CR, which determines that the estate of the deceased will be transferred to the “legitimate heirs” according to a previously determined hierarchy who, although blood relatives, might be people the testatordislikes or with whom he is unacquainted.

The “testamento” can be limited to disposition of assets within Costa Rica only and has no legal effects until the person’s death. Previous to that moment, the “testamento” can also be revoked or modified.

If you are considering buying any real estate in Costa Rica or already did, you should get proper advice from a CR real estate attorney, who will help to properly set up your CR estate planning and further explain the restrictions or limitations upon the freedom of testators, the requirements and types of “testamentos”, and how to avoid inconsistencies with any testamentary dispositions granted in another country.

Credit to GMAttorneys