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10 Solid years with ABC


It really does not feel like 10 years have passed since Mark started with ABC. Time flies they say and now I know what they mean with this.

When I first met Mark I was active with the Tamarindo Association in helping to get the police a temporary station. His place Cabinas Maleko was a great fit at that time and this is how we connected.

Mark immediately gave me the impression of an honest and trustworthy person. I then felt he could be the right person to join the ABC team and I offered him to work with us. I was very glad when he accepted and I knew short after I had made the right decision.

Mark represents what we envision in our Mission statement like “… our achievements are reflected in the community we inhabit” One of the most outstanding qualities Mark brings to the team is his loyalty, integrity and responsibility. He always surprises how he is able to express anything perfectly by using just a few words.

The last 10 years we had a great time and I believe that not only me, but also the entire team is very happy that he continues to be a part of ABC Real Estate.

Credits to : Jogi

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