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2017 Tamarindo Artwave



Get ready because next month the Tamarindo Art Foundation, a non-profit NGO with big objectives and goals for the community, will be planning and hosting this year’s Tamarindo Art Wave. A festival that presents the works of various talented artists for viewing and in some cases personal participation and will be taken place on November 29-December3. The exciting theme chosen for this year is En-Light.


Tamarindo may have a reputation for surfing and partying, but after last year’s Tamarindo Art Wave successfully presenting various sculptors, dancers, painters, and musicians, they were able to fulfill their goal of diversifying Tamarindo’s image. Many organizers have said to believe that this event promoted the town as a future destination for cultural events. At the same time, this festival attracts a higher economic demographic, those 25 years of age and older, including families and is timed exactly during the low season, the help the community and create extra business during these times.

With these festivals, the Tamarindo Art Foundation hopes to accomplish a long-term goal to fund, create, and build the Tamarindo Arts Academy.  This specific facility would provide education in all areas and disciplines of the arts including fine art, music, dance, theater, culinary arts, Acrobat, and more.

In conclusion, this festival will be here to show us that we can expect more from what Tamarindo is known for. That this is a moment to come together, see the talents that we’re surrounded with, and exploit that to the next level.

Credits to: Marisol, Tamarindo News Staff

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