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University of Southern California

We from ABC had been asked to meet with a group of 20 students master of USC (University of Southern California) in the “School of Policy, Planning and Development.”  They came to Costa Rica with the aim of developing a technical proposal adjusting Costa Rica real estate development in the areas of tourist attraction to the parameters of sustainable tourism. During their stay they visited different parts of the country and the plan is to meet with key people to help them get a better idea of the situation and when they are in Tamarindo. Matt from “Bar 1” was so kind to let us use the space  upstairs at Plaza Tamarindo to accommodate everybody.  It was a nice meeting on Friday morning, Dec 18th, Luis Mauricio Solis and Rodolfo Tinoco the Architects from LSD supported us in order to provide a good and objective overview of  Tamarindo and the surrounding area.  Based on the fact that the students had been focused on a solution for sustainable tourism and developing a technical proposal adjusting real estate developments many issues with negative characters were pointed out and analyzed.  It was the complete opposite of a sales presentation when we try to put weight on the positive facts and details, but a nice exercise, we hope it was helpful and the students are able to use the information.

here are more pictures

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