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A Detailed Look at the Best Beaches in Guanacaste Costa Rica

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Playa Tamarindo

Located north of playa langosta and south of playa real along Costa Rica’s northern pacific coast.

Distance from Liberia: 75km (approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes)
Closest Town: Tamarindo (large town)
Beach Status: public beach
Type of Sand: brown sand; partly rough/partly smooth beach

Selling Points:
1. For those travellers looking to visit a popular beach town, tamarindo would be your best bet throughout the entire northern pacific region. This town is one of Costa Rica’s largest and most commercial beach areas, far more developed than its neighbouring beaches (real, conchal, and flamingo). Travellers who choose to stay at accommodations in town have access to a wide variety of dining and shopping options – the majority of which are within walking distance to the beach.
2. Travellers looking to participate in a number of tours/activities during their time at the beach will find nearly everything they are looking for in tamarindo. Most of the tour operators in this town also service nearby beaches, however transportation to/from these other beaches and tamarindo is not always included with the tour cost. For this reason, tamarindo is a good choice for those individuals who will not have a rented vehicle and would prefer to stay in a popular town where tour offices can be reached on foot.
3. Given that tamarindo is a highly developed area, this beach town offers countless accommodation options ranging from hostels and economy hotels to superior and resort-quality hotels. Accepting of a variety of vacation budgets, tamarindo is sure to have an accommodation option that it perfect for any traveller.
4. More than anything else, tamarindo is the ideal surf town. For anyone looking to surf, wanting to learn how to surf, needing to buy surf gear, and/or yearning to be a part of the surf culture that is Costa Rica, tamarindo is the correct place for you.

1. Given its popularity, tamarindo is more ‘the place to be’ than ‘the place to go to get away from it all’. The area draws a mixed crowd – a young, single’s population drawn to the area for its surf, together with family travellers impressed by the variety of tours and activities available (especially activities that children can participate in). For those travellers who would prefer a less populated town area and/or beach, unfortunately tamarindo does not support this type of setting.

1. If easy access to tour/activity options (especially surfing), dining options, and shopping options is what you are looking for, than tamarindo would be the prime northern pacific beach location for you. Otherwise, if developed areas, a popular beach, and tourism in general does not interest you, perhaps a less busy and more intimate beach area would be the smarter choice.

Extra notes:
1. Visitors staying at the Tamarindo Diria Resort (and other popular hotel options in the area) have access to playa tamarindo.
2. Recommended day trips from playa tamarindo include visits to playa real, playa flamingo, and playa conchal.

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