Gregory Petin

Sales | ABC Real Estate
Listings - 2 properties

Gregory Petin was born and raised in Paris, France where he lived till the age of 16. He then moved to southern Florida where he attended high school and university, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts. After graduating he worked in communication and marketing in Florida . While in Paris Gregory started his career in Real Estate, in which he gained two years of valuable experience.

In 2005 he made the decision to move to the Caribbean side of…

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Federico José Fernández

Sales | ABC Real Estate
Listings - 27 properties

Federico José Fernández is a native Costa Rican. He was born in San José in 1982 and lived there until 2006. Federico studied business administration while in school and used that education to secure a job with a large transnational company. In 2007, he and his wife moved to Guanacaste´s coastal region to build a home and start a family together. They now have two boys and one baby girl. Federico maintains his connection with San José, traveling there once…

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Jogi – Jürgen Gerner

Owner / Broker | ABC Real Estate
Listings - 28 properties

“Jogi” Juergen Gerner is a co founder of ABC Real Estate. Jogi was born and raised in south west Germany. He first visited Costa Rica in 1992 and subsequently came back every coming year. After visiting many different areas of Costa Rica, it was clear that Tamarindo was his favourite. 

Jogi alongside his wife Verena Moshammer started ABC Real Estate in the year 1999 and have worked together ever since.

As a broker, Jogi…

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Verena Moshammer

Owner / Manager | ABC Real Estate
Listings - 1 property

Verena Moshammer is a co founder of ABC Real Estate. Born in 1966 in Calw, Germany she moved to Costa Rica in 1995. After nine years of working in office management, administration and sales Verena decided it was time to start her own business alongside her husband, therefore allowing her the opportunity to move to Costa Rica.

In 2000 ABC Real Estate was founded making the company 19 years old. At ABC Verena is in charge…

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