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AYA Tamarindo

AYA meeting 6. June 09
AYA meeting 6. June 09 @ Las Baulas

This was the first official meeting with AYA to inform the community after AYA took over the water Service from Beko S.A.

Many residents had been upset about the high water rates from the past and AYA explained that it was a difficult transformation as they where not prepared and Beko did not cooperate at all.

They presented their new service and the responsible people from AYA for the Tamarindo area and informed about the past and the future plans. Good news was that the high water rates established by the former water Service Beko are currently reviewed by the government institution ARESEP and within about a maximum amount of 1  month a decision will be made.

Also the high rates charged for a new water connection is over. AYA has fixed rates depending on the location and circumstances from about US$25 to a maximum of US$180.

Further more an investigation made on the former Beko Service that they have received more then US$2,200,000  for water hook ups from residents and developers in Tamarindo. On the other side some of the water meters who require to be replaced after 3000 cubic meters in order to be accurate, had a total of more then 20,000 cubic meters. This is over now and the meters will be replaced as needed. Beside that water will now be tested frequently ever month to insure good quality.

More good news are that 5 beach communities like Jaco, Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo, beside others, have received some studies in order to build a black water treatment system. The project looks like well on its way, the study for Tamarindo is already completed and if all goes well the project  could start in 2010 to be finished in 2011. All financed by the Bank from the Government.

Pura Vida

AYA Tamarindo is located 200m north of our ABC office (when you drive from ABC to the beach, you drive right into it),   email:    –    Phone:  2653 1600   –   Office hours:  7.45am – 3.30pm.  For more info and the water rates (which are the same in all of Costa Rica) please check the AYA web page:

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