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The new Tamarindo Police station – ya casi…

The new police station in Tamarindo will be completed very soon. Thanks to ADI Tamarindo and everybody involved. Great job. The total construction size of 340 sqm includes dorm-style bedrooms with bathrooms for men and women, two prison cells, a secure weapon arsenal, and ample office space.

Here are more pictures taken on December 15th



Road to Langosta

The road work is on its way, from the ABC office to Langosta (including the loop). The planning of this project began in 2016 and after several previous attempts, it is finally underway. The German non-profit organization GIZ is leading the project and coordinating with BID, MOPT Municipalidad, Minae and others such as; AyA, ASADA, Copopeguanacaste, Bomberos and ADI to complete the road. The road has a length of 2.5km (1.55 miles) and costs a total of 949,900,000 Colones (about $1.5 million USD)

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Let’s support their efforts


It takes a manufacturer a fraction of a second to create a plastic bag, we use it for 20 minutes to get our products from the store to the house, then it takes over 100 years for it to disappear completely.

There are many other alternative substitutes for plastic that work great and are very accessible.

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Water Project

water tank

We are in the middle of our dry season and the question remains: “Is there enough water to make it through to the rainy season?”

Last year the water situation caused the AyA (Acueductos y Alcantarillados, Costa Rica’s national water provider) to stop the approval of water permits for new constructions in Tamarindo. The situation is and has been serious, but there is a solution on the way.

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Robert August Surf & Turf Charity Event

golf event

Today we are starting off by sponsoring the Robert August Surf & Turf charity event, which is one of the major fundraiser’s of the year in Tamarindo. It provides most of the needs for CEPIA’s after-school program. It provides sports, English, tutoring, technology, arts, and fun to more than 1000 kids. The children also participate in surf and swim competitions, day trips, tree planting, beach clean-ups, recycling, and much more!

Thank you again CEPIA for letting us be a part of the program this weekend!

If you’d like more information, please visit for more details on future events and sponsorships.

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Environment a Priority for Costa Rica

Howler Monkeyby: Federico Bonilla, Real Estate Consultant

Costa Rica has always been known for its environmental concern. Various environmentally conscious programs, such as FONAFIFO’s Forestry Credit program promoting forestry and reforestation, have been set by the government in order to maintain Costa Rica’s famous biodiversity and natural landscapes.
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