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New Listing – Lot Reina del Mar – $995,000


Lot Reina del Mar measures 2,986m2 or 0.738 acres and is only separated from the beach by the park across the street. This is the last lot of this respectable size on the first hundred meters of the road strip between the center of Tamarindo and Langosta.

It is all about location: lot Reina del Mar is only one block from the beach and has a beach access right in front, making it literally only a 130-meter walk to have your feet in the white sand of Playa Tamarindo or to catch that perfect wave. The breaking of the waves can be heard from the lot! The municipal natural park across the street from the lot guarantees green zone in front, while the 75 meters of public road frontage make this lot ideal for a hotel, a B&B or any other commercial activity. To the east, the lot is bordered by a wide “alameda”. The center of Tamarindo, restaurants and…more info.

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Robert August Surf & Turf Charity Event

golf pic event

Today we are starting off by sponsoring the Robert August Surf & Turf charity event, which is one of the major fundraiser’s of the year in Tamarindo. It provides most of the needs for CEPIA’s after-school program. It provides sports, English, tutoring, technology, arts, and fun to more than 1000 kids. The children also participate in surf and swim competitions, day trips, tree planting, beach clean-ups, recycling, and much more!

Thank you again CEPIA for letting us be a part of the program this weekend!

If you’d like more information, please visit for more details on future events and sponsorships.

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New Listing – Condo la Buena Vida 9 – $325,000


La Buena Vida 9 is a penthouse that comprises the complete upper floor in the safe Buena Vida Condo complex. With its construction size of 246 m2, it is as spacious as a home. The open living and dining area, connected with the fully equipped kitchen, offer enough space for large groups of friends and family. The three bedrooms each come with a walk in closet and a large private bathroom and sleep comfortably 10 people. A multi-functional space between the living area and the two guestrooms offers room for an office, a play-room or even a fourth bedroom. A laundry room, guest bathroom and owners’ lock-up storage add to the comfort of this condo. Many windows throughout the condo and three large balconies…read more.

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Sunset Hill 11 – Ocean view at a quick walk to the beach – Reduced to $199,000.


Wonderful ocean view Condo at a quick walk to the beach and center of town. Tucked up against the Tamarindo hillside this unit provides a beautiful unobstructed ocean view, a shared pool, secured parking, and shared laundry, all inside a 12 unit gated complex with a relaxing and tranquil tropical setting. This charming 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit comes fully furnished making it perfect to be your vacation retreat and/or a rental. After a fun day on the beach, or after an invigorating tennis match…read more.

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Blossom Time


More than half of the Costa Rican territory is covered by forests. This is something to be proud of as it is a result of the country´s ecological conscience. Recovery of forest areas has been going on since the late 1980´s, reverting the deforestation that went on from the 1940´s up to the early 1980´s due to the cattle raising and agricultural boom. As you travel along the country, you get used to seeing all that green. Even in urban areas, along rivers, parks, and even right in the cities between sidewalks and streets, at the houses´ and buildings’ backyards, you can find big trees. They provide shade in hot days, host all sorts of wildlife, like squirrels, howler monkeys, orchids attached to their trunks and the hundreds of varieties of birds that inhabit or visit our country in their migratory cycles. To the untrained eye, the diversity of those trees can go unnoticed. But when it is time for them to bloom, they provide amazing colors and scenes worth of photographing and painting that everybody admires.


This wonder Mother Nature shares with us happens along this time of the year, at the peak of the dry season, within the months of March and April. In Guanacaste, the feeling of dryness, with fields turning brown and yellow and most of the trees losing almost all their leaves that has been going on since late December, is suddenly revitalized by the blossoms. Several photographers, book authors, and social media pages have dedicated their efforts into the immortalization of the fairy tale scenes that occur at this time of the year.


A couple of trees offer the most dramatic tones. One of them is the Corteza Amarilla that loses almost all of its leaves turning into a single super bright yellow bouquet. Another star of the moment is the Tabebuia Ochracea tree, locally known Roble Sabana. This one gets covered by big pink flowers that might resemble the typical Cherry blossoms found on other latitudes. In Guanacaste, the Malinche tree is very popular its flowers are bright orange.

The great thing is that each tree may blossom more than once, so this colorful spectacle lasts for two months usually. Another detail that brightens up our pleasant existence in this paradise.

Credits to: Federico Fernandez

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New Listing – Condo Diria Matapalo 403 – $399,000


Tamarindo Diria Matapalo #403 is a luxurious two bedroom, two and a half bathroom unit right at the heart of Tamarindo. Along with a very pleasant condominium, you will have access to the 10,000 square foot lagoon pool with swim-up bar and Jacuzzi. Around the building lays a tropical garden, with indoor parking area, a gated perimeter, and 24-hour security. Unit #403 is located in a fourth level with over 1,500 sq. ft. of living area. It has a terrace overseeing the resorts gardens and pool and a peak a boo view of the ocean…more info. 

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The New Costa Rica Annual Corporation Tax 2017 is in Effect


The new annual Corporation Tax Law (Ley de Impuesto a las Personas Jurídicas) # 9428 has been approved and published in the official Gazette. That means that you will have to pay Corporation Tax 2017.

The regulations to the law have also been posted on the website of the Costa Rica Department of Revenue in the Spanish language.

When is the Tax due?

The corporation tax is due by January 30th of every year. For 2017 the amount will be prorated. It is expected that the Department of the Treasury will start collecting the tax between July and August 2017.

How much is the Corporation Tax 2017?

The way the Corporation tax 2017 is calculated this time, is based upon a percentage of the base salary of a government employee. For 2017 that base salary is 426,200 Colones.

The law distinguishes between “active” from “inactive” companies under the following payment schedule:

• Inactive company will pay 15% of the base salary which at current exchange rates is approximately US$115. [426,200 x .15% = 63,930 (US$115)]

• An active company with Gross income of less than $91,675 will pay 25% of the base salary which is $192.

For active companies, the sliding scale of the Corporation tax 2017 continues to go to 30% of the base salary for companies that have Gross wages between $91,675 and $213,909 and up to 50% if the company has Gross wages in excess of $213,909.

Active or Inactive Corporation

How do I know if my Company is active or not?

You can check on the website – – (copy/paste this link into your browser) of the Ministry of the Treasury known as the Taxpayer Identification System (Sistema de Identificación de Contribuyentes SIC). There, you can enter your corporation identification number (cedula jurídica) to determine if your company appears as active or not in the Treasury database.

What if my company appears as active when it should be inactive?

When a company is active, at some point the company was included in the Treasury database as being obligated to file an Income Tax Return (Impuesto Renta) or a Sales Tax Return (Impuesto Ventas).

You think your company has been erroneously included in the database as active? Then you will need to hire an accountant to assist you in filing the deregistration form (Formulario de desincripción en el registro único tributario) in the Treasury Department.

Previous years due?

What if you owe the corporation tax for previous years?

The previous corporation tax law was in effect for 2012-2015. In 2016 there was no obligation to pay corporation tax. If you did not pay the corporation tax for 2012-2015 and you want to continue to use the corporation you will have to pay the back taxes to do so.


You need to pay attention to the transitory provisions of the Law.

The Corporation tax law is allowing the taxpayer the following grace periods.

1. Waiver of fines and interest on past due corporation taxes. This waiver is effective for 3 months from the date the law comes into effect.

2. If you want to transfer property or vehicles out of a corporation into your personal name or another corporation you can do so and be exempt of the property transfer taxes. This is in effect for 1 year. Does the title need to be clear to do so? Not necessarily unless the mortgage or vehicle lien has some sort of prohibition in the document that would not allow transfer without consent of the creditor. Contact your attorney to find out if you can or not.

3. It is possible to resign if you want to be removed from the board or management of a corporation. Your resignation must be recorded in the National Registry. All officers, directors, manager, auditors have 2 years to file the resignations.

Credits to: AE and Ivo Henfling

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Making That Big Move to the Pura Vida Life


Investing in beach front real estate can provide not only a beautiful place for you to visit, but also a place to call home if you decide to retire or make a permanent move. Costa Rica has many options for living which include small, single living homes and condos to larger family homes or upscale homes. One thing is for sure, if you bring the whole family along, you never need to worry about not having enough to do to fill in the time from one day to the next as you are sure to find plenty of exciting things to do in the area. This beautiful country is one that allows you to live and feel like you’re living in a paradise vacation every day. So, take a moment and live the Pura Vida life for a while.

Planning to Stay Long-Term?

While you may have referrals from others on where to look, only a realtor will be able to give you definitive information on the area you may be interested in and the hard facts about homes in the area as well as pricing. You will also want to find a local attorney who will work with you to make sure the property you are interested in is not titled to someone else. The attorney can also assist with foreign property purchases to ensure the transfer is legal and goes smoothly. As a foreigner, you can legally purchase property even as a tourist. Per the law, you will need to leave the country for at least 72 hours every 180 days. You will enjoy the fact that just over the Costa Rican border you can visit great places including Nicaragua and Panama during those times you may need to leave. You can also apply for residency to stay without the need to leave as a tourist. An attorney will be able to assist with residency visas.

Real estate in Costa Rica is beautiful. Not only are single-family homes available, but you can also find great condos that provide everything you could ever want in a home. From beach vacation rentals to luxury homes, this country has it all. If you are looking for real estate in Costa Rica, it is very important to check out several homes before you decide on the perfect one. Many rental homes come partially or even fully furnished, but if you plan to buy, you will need to determine whether you will bring your own household goods or if you want to buy new things when you arrive. It is wise to check pricing on items before you decide how to go about furnishing a home.

What’s So Great About Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has long been a popular tourist destination. Not only are the beaches some of the most beautiful that you will ever see, but other sites including volcanoes, lush jungle land and some of the greatest night spots in all Central America can help you feel right at home and will have you wishing you had made the move sooner. If you’re considering a big move to another country, Costa Rica might just be for you.

Worried about a language barrier? Sure, it’s a good idea to learn to speak Spanish if you don’t already know it, but it is not a necessity. With the number of expats living in Costa Rica, speaking English is very acceptable. For venturing out of your comfort zone and into areas that are less touristy however, knowing a few basics to ask for directions, say hello or tell someone thank you will always come in handy. Learning the language will also be the perfect way to meet some of the residents and make a few new friends when you arrive.

Speaking of people, the people of Costa Rica live the Pura Vida life. This translates to many things depending on who you speak to, but essentially, they live a relaxed and happy lifestyle day and night. You won’t be able to not feel this Pura Vida lifestyle once you have been in this majestic country for at least a few hours.

Surf or Swim, it’s up to you!

Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins? Considered hopping on a surfboard and seeing how fun it can be? Costa Rica is the perfect location for either and the waves here make the coast the perfect place for surfing. Others enjoy kayaking, fishing, and parasailing or simply lounging on the beach and checking out the beautiful sites.

When you move to Costa Rica, you can have an exciting life and not just a short vacation. You have access to the vibrant culture, the spas, the restaurants with authentic food and many wildlife tours and trails to take on.

Costa Rica is all about outdoor activities, which is ideal for those that like to spend more time outside the home, rather than in. When you venture away from the water, you will find great areas that include walking trails, nature hikes, Zipline courses and much more fun for all ages.

Is it difficult to move to Costa Rica?

To move to Costa Rica, as well as bring any of your household goods or even a vehicle, paperwork is required. Your personal property must pass through customs to be accepted in the area. Here is what you should have ready for your move:

  • Passport
  • Itemized List of Goods – Electronics and Appliances Require Model and Serial Numbers
  • Residency Visa
  • Bill of Lading
  • Insurance Documents
  • Authorization Letter
  • Title and Registration of Vehicle
  • Bill of Sale for Vehicle if you bring one

Most people don’t bring a personal car; however, it can be beneficial if you plan to travel outside of your home area or visit other great Central American countries while here. There’s some great information on shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica here if you’d like to read further on this topic.

Moving to Costa Rica is exciting, but before deciding to take the plunge, try to visit ahead of the move so you can check out local homes and get a good sense of things you may want to do once you move.  As with any move, take your time to plan everything carefully so things go smoothly. Turn your everyday life into an exciting adventure when you move to beautiful Costa Rica and start living your Pura Vida life!

A-1 Auto Transport

Credits to : Jason Mueller

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New Listing – Lote Comercial – $149,000


Located right in front of the AutoMercado of Tamarindo, this lot has tons of potential for any commercial business. Anybody entering or leaving Tamarindo will see this property, resulting in maximum exposure and publicity. Great for any business that is starting in the area and with 500m2, you have plenty…read more.

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Oh Happy Day!

Omar-&-son-for-web signed

Lost in thoughts on my way to work, my drive was halted by a local policeman conducting a routine check along the road between Flamingo and Huacas. After rolling down the window, I was greeted by a friendly, older policeman who had checked on me a few times in the past. After throwing a look at my Costa Rican driver’s license and a short conversation, he waved me away with a genuine and well meant: “Que tengas buen día, mi amor” (Have a nice day, my love). An impromptu smile came to my face, and there was my idea for the newsletter.

This policeman’s spontaneous words and warm nature reminded me of one of the two main reasons why, ever since my first one-year stay in Costa Rica, I made it my life goal to come back and live here – the endless, effortless and genuine kindness of its people.

In how many countries is one greeted and treated like this? Not only by policemen, but by neighbors, colleagues, strangers waiting for the bus together or simply someone who walks past you on the street.

In Costa Rica it is the normal way of treating people. Ticos greet the ones that cross their path and ask how you are or how your day is going and rarely do you hear a negative answer. Most of the time everything is “Pura Vida” (Pure Life), meaning: Just Great! No matter their living conditions or emotional state, they keep their mood positive and pass on those vibes. In the years I’ve had the privilege to live here, I have not met a Tico in a bad mood. Moreover, “NO” is a non-existent word in Costa Rican vocabulary.

Whereas in other parts of the world, people are becoming grimmer and grimmer or forget to enjoy life in its little moments by avoiding strangers, keeping their heads down or sitting on the train without speaking one word to the person sharing the same bench, Ticos engage in the friendly greeting ritual with anyone who is open to it.

Happiness seems difficult to measure in numbers, but the World Happiness Index and the Satisfaction with Life Index rank the Ticos among the top 15 happiest populations in the world, and no doubt they are right.

And now that we are talking numbers, I can combine my first reason for choosing Costa Rica as my new resident country with the second reason – its abundant nature and the country’s efforts to protect it. The Happy Planet Index, which tells how well nations are achieving long, happy, sustainable lives, ranks Costa Rica number 1 out of 140 countries, with a substantial lead.

My personal conclusion based on one-year living in Costa Rica years ago, is amazingly well reflected in these indices and surveys. I wish the same “happy” experience to anyone who is up for it. Arm yourself with a smile and a good mouthful of Spanish, and you will be welcomed into the positive daily way of Tico life. They are the key to successful integration into this content society.

Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect place, but being surrounded by happy, content people and by protected nature every day makes Costa Rica very close to being that!

Let’s all work together to keep it that way!

Credits to : Karen Fabre