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Travel updates for US residents

New updated list of US residents  allowed to enter Costa Rica
As of September 1st: Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia and DC, New York.
Starting September 15: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Michigan.
Starting October 1st: California, if the epidemiological indices remain within the parameters approved by the Ministry of Health.
The US traveler must carry either State ID or the driver’s license showing that the person resides in one of those states.
Also, as any tourist who visit Costa Rica, US travelers, must comply with the following measurements:
a. Tourist must follow all the health and airport protocols implemented by Government
b. Proof of a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to travel to Costa Rica, minors too.
c. Fill out a digital epidemiology form that will be provided by the Government.
d. Proof of a Travel Insurance to cover all Covid-19 medical expenses of at least US$ 50,000 and travel costs and lodging of US$ 2,0000.
Layover en route to CR: no more than 18 hours and traveler can’t leave the airport.
We will provide more detailed information once the decree is duly published.
Credit to GM Attorneys