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Costa Rica is the most attractive country for foreign investments

Costa Rica has been awarded fDi’s Caribbean and Central American Country of the Future 2011/12. The Dominican Republic claimed second position followed by Trinidad and Tobago in third. Jacqueline Walls reports on the winners.

Costa Rica has climbed from second position to be ranked as the most attractive country in the Caribbean and Central America for foreign direct investment.  

Costa Rica’s dominance in this year’s ranking is no surprise given its successful record in attracting FDI into the country. According to fDi Markets, Costa Rica has been the number one destination country in the region in terms of FDI project numbers since 2003. Costa Rica attracted a total of 227 FDI projects between 2003 and 2010 compared with only 178 FDI projects investing in Panama, Costa Rica’s closest competitor in the region. However, the latest figures released by fDi Markets have shown that from January to May 2011, Panama has, so far, attracted more FDI projects than Costa Rica.

Costa Rica topped the category Best Human Resources, as well as ranking in the top two for Best Economic Potential, Best for Business Friendliness and Best FDI Strategy. 

The Dominican Republic was ranked second overall in the biennial ranking of countries across the region. fDi ’s independent judging panel perceived the Dominican Republic to have the Best FDI Strategy.

By Jaqueline Walls  from

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