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Costa Rica On The Hunt For More European Tourists


Every day more and more Europeans make Costa Rican their vacation destination. According to the Cámara Nacional de Turismo (Canatur) more people from the “Viejo Continente” (Old Continent, as Europe is referred to in Costa Rica) are curious to discover the country they hear so much about.
Canatur says that in 2009, Costa Rica received 187.486 European tourists, the majority from Spain.
And for that Costa Rican tourism officials are attending the Feria Internacional de Turismo (Fitur) that is ongoing in Madrid, Spain, this week.
The objective for 2010 is increase on the 2009 numbers and at least 32 Costa Rican tourism operators are attending the Fitur.
For Costa Rica, Europe is an emergenging market for tourists and an increase in European tourism will decrease Costa Rica’s dependence on American tourists that now make up the bulk of the almost 2 million annual visitors to Costa Rica.

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