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Halloween in Tamarindo

by: Jason Clements, Real Estate Consultant

Many consider Ireland to be the origin of Halloween, where the holiday is celebrated much like it is in the United States and Canada. Children dress up in costumes and spend the evening trick or treating in their neighborhoods. There are festive parties where traditional games are played amongst adults. Many countries do not participate in the commercialistic ways of the American version of the holiday. October 31st is a day to remember and honor family members who have passed away. Candles or fires are lit, pictures of the deceased are brought out and sometimes even alters are erected to welcome back the spirits are the dearly departed.

In Tamarindo, Halloween signifies something that is unique to our little beach town. It marks the end of “low season”! Historically, September and October are the rainiest months and also the slowest months in terms of tourism. The vast majority of profits for business owners is made from December to March so everyone looks to the end of October, which just so happens to be Halloween. Many enjoy the slower time and some take a break. In November Tourists will again start flocking to Tamarindo in higher numbers, activity around town noticeably picks up and the weather in November is arguably the best all year. Restaurant and business owners all devise their plans around this time of year, so there is a renewed sense of excitement in the air. You can feel the momentum build through the month of November and its peak in Mid-December.

There is great cause for the optimism, too. The Costa Rican Tourism Institute reported that the number of tourists visiting Costa Rica during the first 6 months of 2014 increased by 5.4% during the same time of 2013. We are fielding calls and emails from people all over the world every week. They are not only looking to come to Costa Rica for vacation, but to purchase or start a business. Residential building is on the upswing and the recent surge in existing home sales has left our inventory thinner than it has been in some years. We feel confident this will lead to even more home building and are particularly excited about the new trend in sustainable home building. So as I said, there is much to be excited about as we head into November and we at ABC would like to wish all Tamarindo Residents a productive and profitable high season!

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