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How can I obtain CR residency?

Costa Rica Residency

I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked that question. Well if you plan on buying a property here it could be simple.

The Costa Rican government has historically been open to foreigners investing here, so much so that in early 2011, the government published the regulation to the Immigration law that allows for more flexibility in regards to obtaining a Costa Rican residency. With the purchase of “tangible property, shares, negotiable instruments, productive projects or projects which are deemed of national interest” a window opens for you to possibly obtain a Costa Rican Residency. The registered value of the title(s) transferred in the National Register needs to be over US$200,000 as well as the value of the property(s) in the Municipality. This amount does not have to be from one purchase, it can be a cumulative of various purchases.

It is very important that you seek legal representation to assist you, to make sure everything is done properly and in order. Feel free to contact us, we work with various reputable and efficient attorneys that have a residency division in their firm, and we will be happy to recommend one for you.

Credits to: Mark Venegas

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