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An end to an era in English media in Costa Rica


The Tico Times announced today that their print edition today will be their last.  The newspaper also announced that they will layoff their entire staff of 16 as they attempt to restructure into an online-only model.

Today marks the end of an era in English-language news in Costa Rica.  The Tico Times was, without a doubt, the leader in English language news for the entire region for 56 years – a distinction they rightfully earned through original and investigative reporting.

Their staff, over the years, have broken numerous hard news stories, such as the secret runway used by the Contras. In 1995, The Tico Times received the Grand Prize for Press Freedom from the Inter-American Press Association.

Print newspapers continue to struggle throughout the world as the transition to digital publishing continues to spread.  Many have trouble adapting.

We sincerely hope that The Tico Times is able to emerge from their current situation.  Their hard work over more than a half of a century deserves it.

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