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Listing your Property for Sale Successfully

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by: Mark Venegas, Real Estate Consultant

When an agent goes to a listing appointment it is not unusual to find out that the seller already has set the price they want to ask for their property. “My neighbor sold 6 months ago for $$$s and my house is much nicer than theirs” is a standard answer we get from the seller when asked how he/she came to that asking price.
Although it is customary that the market in Costa Rica moves slower than in the US, many times properties stay on the market for long periods here basically because sellers price their properties too high. Some agents simply accept the sales price set by the seller in the hope the seller will eventually wake up and adjust the price, but this is a waste of everybody’s time. If you want to put your property on the market, and be a knowledgeable seller, you should first select a trusted agent and ask him/her to appraise your property so you will know what the market value is, this is the most important step in finding the appropriate selling price. Also, to get a better feel of what you need to fix, paint, clean or organize, ask the agent to tell you the good, bad and the ugly of your property so you will not only know what is necessary to work on to get it market ready but also know how your property compares to others in your area.

Because of the difficulty to obtain the actual sales price of properties sold in the past, in the National Registry, it is very much up to your local agent, and his/her knowledge of the area, to research comparable properties to help find the adequate selling price range for your property. So, you will not get a typical CMA as is usual in other countries. A CMA is a Comparable Market Analysis and are used to set a sales price of a property.
If you are a motivated seller, it’s best to put greed aside and listen well to what your agent tells you about pricing and what needs to be fixed. Things that you don’t see because it’s part of your everyday life, can be very important. Curb appeal, a well cut (poop free) lawn, a freshly painted front door or a living room that isn’t over-furnished will all help you sell your house.
When your agent arranges to have photos taken for their website, put away that garden hose that’s lying around, that broom that is leaning against the dining table and the clutter on the kitchen sink and bathroom counter.  Make the house look organized and staged, because the photos on a website are the first impression a buyer will have of your property and you want it to be a good one. This also applies, and is very important to do before showings. Each agent from ABC Real Estate, through their years of experience, knows how to best guide you, and we will be happy to help you through this process to make it a pleasant and rewarding one, like many others before;

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