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Making That Big Move to the Pura Vida Life

Moving to Costa Rica

Investing in beach front real estate can provide not only a beautiful place for you to visit, but also a place to call home if you decide to retire or make a permanent move. Costa Rica has many options for living which include small, single living homes and condos to larger family homes or upscale homes. One thing is for sure, if you bring the whole family along, you never need to worry about not having enough to do to fill in the time from one day to the next as you are sure to find plenty of exciting things to do in the area. This beautiful country is one that allows you to live and feel like you’re living in a paradise vacation every day. So, take a moment and live the Pura Vida life for a while.


Planning to Stay Long-Term?

While you may have referrals from others on where to look, only a realtor will be able to give you definitive information on the area you may be interested in and the hard facts about homes in the area as well as pricing. You will also want to find a local attorney who will work with you to make sure the property you are interested in is not titled to someone else. The attorney can also assist with foreign property purchases to ensure the transfer is legal and goes smoothly. As a foreigner, you can legally purchase property even as a tourist. Per the law, you will need to leave the country for at least 72 hours every 180 days. You will enjoy the fact that just over the Costa Rican border you can visit great places including Nicaragua and Panama during those times you may need to leave. You can also apply for residency to stay without the need to leave as a tourist. An attorney will be able to assist with residency visas.

Real estate in Costa Rica is beautiful. Not only are single-family homes available, but you can also find great condos that provide everything you could ever want in a home. From beach vacation rentals to luxury homes, this country has it all. If you are looking for real estate in Costa Rica, it is very important to check out several homes before you decide on the perfect one. Many rental homes come partially or even fully furnished, but if you plan to buy, you will need to determine whether you will bring your own household goods or if you want to buy new things when you arrive. It is wise to check pricing on items before you decide how to go about furnishing a home.

What’s So Great About Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has long been a popular tourist destination. Not only are the beaches some of the most beautiful that you will ever see, but other sites including volcanoes, lush jungle land and some of the greatest night spots in all Central America can help you feel right at home and will have you wishing you had made the move sooner. If you’re considering a big move to another country, Costa Rica might just be for you.

Worried about a language barrier? Sure, it’s a good idea to learn to speak Spanish if you don’t already know it, but it is not a necessity. With the number of expats living in Costa Rica, speaking English is very acceptable. For venturing out of your comfort zone and into areas that are less touristy however, knowing a few basics to ask for directions, say hello or tell someone thank you will always come in handy. Learning the language will also be the perfect way to meet some of the residents and make a few new friends when you arrive.

Speaking of people, the people of Costa Rica live the Pura Vida life. This translates to many things depending on who you speak to, but essentially, they live a relaxed and happy lifestyle day and night. You won’t be able to not feel this Pura Vida lifestyle once you have been in this majestic country for at least a few hours.

Surf or Swim, it’s up to you!

Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins? Considered hopping on a surfboard and seeing how fun it can be? Costa Rica is the perfect location for either and the waves here make the coast the perfect place for surfing. Others enjoy kayaking, fishing, and parasailing or simply lounging on the beach and checking out the beautiful sites.

When you move to Costa Rica, you can have an exciting life and not just a short vacation. You have access to the vibrant culture, the spas, the restaurants with authentic food and many wildlife tours and trails to take on.

Costa Rica is all about outdoor activities, which is ideal for those that like to spend more time outside the home, rather than in. When you venture away from the water, you will find great areas that include walking trails, nature hikes, Zipline courses and much more fun for all ages.

Is it difficult to move to Costa Rica?

To move to Costa Rica, as well as bring any of your household goods or even a vehicle, paperwork is required. Your personal property must pass through customs to be accepted in the area. Here is what you should have ready for your move:

  • Passport
  • Itemized List of Goods – Electronics and Appliances Require Model and Serial Numbers
  • Residency Visa
  • Bill of Lading
  • Insurance Documents
  • Authorization Letter
  • Title and Registration of Vehicle
  • Bill of Sale for Vehicle if you bring one

Most people don’t bring a personal car; however, it can be beneficial if you plan to travel outside of your home area or visit other great Central American countries while here. There’s some great information on shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica here if you’d like to read further on this topic.

Moving to Costa Rica is exciting, but before deciding to take the plunge, try to visit ahead of the move so you can check out local homes and get a good sense of things you may want to do once you move.  As with any move, take your time to plan everything carefully so things go smoothly. Turn your everyday life into an exciting adventure when you move to beautiful Costa Rica and start living your Pura Vida life!

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