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Where to go if I need…?

Solarium Liberia

by Federico Fernandez, Real Estate Consultant.

Very frequently we see inquiries on Facebook, or people ask us for advice on where to go if such or such thing is needed. As a local resident, with children, I know a few places where to find a variety of goods and services in the area. In fact, nine years ago, I used to drive to San José very frequently to satisfy several needs. Lately such trips have not been necessary for my family. Taking a few hours to do a half day trip to Liberia could be enough to get hard to find items in Tamarindo.

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Finally, distributed generation in Costa Rica!

alternative energy

by: Mark Venegas

After a long wait the electric companies are expected to offer, starting April 7, 2016, the price structure for net metering in homes and businesses, which will allow consumers to save on their electric bills through distributed generation. This is a huge step in the right direction for distributed generation in Costa Rica, especially for those that have or want to install solar panels. This was announced on March 17 by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) and will allow consumers to connect and send electricity back into the national grid. The tariffs will range from around ₡12-28 per kilowatt hour of electricity that is sent back into the grid, depending on the power company.

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Aeropuerto de Liberia en Guanacaste invertirá $10,3 millones en nuevas salas y espacios comerciales.

Liberia airport

by: Luis G. Tenorio, Inversion Inmobiliaria

El amplio crecimiento en el tráfico de visitantes que está experimentando el aeropuerto internacional Daniel Oduber en Liberia, motivó al concesionario a ejecutar un plan de expansión de las instalaciones, para lo cual pretende invertir alrededor de $10,3 millones.

De acuerdo con CORIPORT, a cargo de la administración y operación de la terminal guanacasteca, sólo durante el último año la cantidad de turistas que se movilizaron por el lugar creció en un 33% y para este 2016 se espera que transiten por allí alrededor de un millón de turistas.

Debido a ello la empresa decidió emprender un proyecto para aumentar la cantidad de salas de abordaje, construir una nueva área de recepción de equipaje y ampliar la zona de espacios comerciales.
La meta, de acuerdo con César Jaramillo, gerente general de CORIPORT, es establecer en este lugar nuevas tiendas de conveniencia y oficinas.

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Tamarindo keeps amazing!

Tamarindo LabyrinthOnce you think you have seen every corner of Tamarindo and its surroundings, a new discovery pops up. Tamarindo is known for its world class surf, its great restaurants and outgoing lifestyle. It offers something for everyone’s taste. It was recently enriched with an art gallery, and word says there will even be a movie theater in the future. The beach is wonderful for all ages, you can swim the open sea to Captain’s Island (Isla Capitán), kayak, practice stand up paddle, and of course surf and boogie board as much as you desire. Enjoy taking a guided nature tour of the Tamaindo Estuary to bird watch and see other wildlife, all within the Playa Grande national park (Parque Marino Las Baulas) where you’ll also view the howler monkeys roaming around in the trees. This will please any nature lover. Yoga can be practiced in many places and excellent massages are easy to find. What more diversion could one place offer?

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Easy to Open a Bank Account

bank account

by: Mark Venegas

A while ago the Costa Rican government, in an effort to stop money laundering, implemented various restrictions, one was to make it difficult for foreigners to open a bank account here. Not until recently the only way for a foreigner, that does not yet have his/her residency card (DIMEX), to open a bank account with a local CR bank was to form a corporation (S.A.) and open an account under its name. Now, by an executive order from the Costa Rican Presidency, the “cuenta simplificada” was created, and the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) is the first to announce this possibility. If you don’t have a BCR office close by go into the closest bank and ask if they are offering the cuenta simplificada yet, soon other banks will be offering it, all you will need is your Passport and some $s.

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That wonderful massage

spa massageby Mark Venegas, Real Estate Consultant

YES! More, harder, that’s it, that’s it, right there….. Whether you simply would like to enjoy a relaxing massage, a professional massage therapist, or even a chiropractor, you’ll find several options in Tamarindo to satisfy your needs. You can find them at different locations, on the beach, at Spas, and some will even come to you house or Condo. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation, and we’ll be happy to tell you about our favorite places. You deserve to be pampered.

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We have a well prepared international airport with an increasing traffic less than 1 hour away!

Southwest flying to Liberia airport


November 2nd, 2015 (ICR News) Costa Rica’s Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste received its first arrival by the world’s largest discount airline, Southwest Airlines on Sunday with 127 passengers on-board that departed from Houston, Texas.

The inaugural Southwest flight marked the opening of the company’s new daily route between Houston and Liberia, which the company announced in May.

In addition to daily service from Houston, Southwest will also offer once-per-week service on Saturdays between Baltimore and Liberia beginning this Saturday.

Meanwhile, the British charter airline, Thomson Airways, is set to make its inaugural flight to Liberia on Monday from London’s Gatwick airport with some 300 passengers aboard a Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner.

“This is a package holiday flight for 300 people who will arrive on Monday of each week to [Liberia], Costa Rica, from November to April,” Luisa Pastor of the British Embassy in San Jose said of the new Thomson service when it was announced last month.

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Inner peace on the ocean!

inner peace

Costa Rica has become one of those destinations were people come to relax and find inner peace. Many people in Europe and North America are living very busy lives with demanding jobs, administrative hassles and a variety of other obligations, many of them trying but not always succeeding to find a balance between their career and quality personal and family time.
Costa Rica, with its abundant nature and wildlife, offers an ideal escape from these hectic lives. On the many desolate beaches and the vast but accessible jungle, one can find beautiful spots to meditate and reconnect with nature and one’s inner self.
Yoga classes of all kinds and levels can be taken in almost any beach town and even at jungle lodges. Tamarindo is one of those towns where yoga is a part of life, with a wide array of yoga studios such as Ser Om Shanti and ReFlexion, yoga classes for all ages and levels and many yoga teachers available.

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Waze – a great tool!

Waze - tool to find locations

by Jogi Jürgen Gerner, Broker

In case you don’t know it yet, I like to recommend you to check out Waze, an excellent tool to navigate the streets of the world. Especially handy in Costa Rica, since there are no street names. It is entertaining and useful for longer distances and I was very please recently to find a recommended mechanic in San Jose very easily, just type in the name of the business and it brought me right to it’s door. Just download the App for free to your smartphone and you are all set. Get warnings about hazards, police and speed traps, traffic jams etc. Through the Waze community. Roads turn yellow if traffic gets slow or red when there is stand still. You have to activate the GPS (location) feature on your phone which quickly drains your battery, so better connect the charger while using Waze. It is a social App and can be fun as well since you get points for helping the Waze community and you see other “Wazers” on the roads close to you. Waze is Pura Vida… read what The Washington Post said

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Summer Fun is around the Corner!!

beachby Mark Venegas, Real Estate Consultant

As the rains begin to dissipate, local businesses are getting ready for what will surely be another active dry season full of tourists. Besides simply enjoying the magnificent white sand beach and relaxing, Tamarindo is visited yearly by thousands of tourist that traditionally come here for:



Surfing at various spots in Tamarindo, Langosta, Playa Grande, Avellanas and Playa Negra. Tamarindo being an ideal “command center”.

Paddle boarding has also become popular in Tamarindo.

• Excellent sport fishing, up and down the coast.

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Ease of Doing Business in Costa Rica 2016


Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency finds that entrepreneurs in 122 economies saw improvements in their local regulatory framework last year. Between June 2014 and June 2015, the report, which measures 189 economies worldwide, documented 231 business reforms. Among reforms to reduce the complexity and cost of regulatory processes, those in the area of starting a business were the most common in 2014/15, as in the previous year. The next most common were reforms in the areas of paying taxes, getting electricity and registering property. Read about business reforms.
Costa Rica, Uganda, Kenya, Cyprus, Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Senegal and Benin are among the economies that improved the most in 2014/2015 in areas tracked by Doing Business. Together, these 10 top improves implemented 39 regulatory reforms making it easier to do business.

Read full report:
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Very Convenient – Online payments

ABC Real Estate Costa Rica

This funny phrase is becoming history: “Banco Nacional, mas cerca de usted…donde la fila llega hasta su casa”
The banks in Costa Rica are providing a better online service to make our lives easier. Now you can pay many services online from home / your office; even if you are out of the country. Never be late or forget to pay water, electricity, cable TV, Central Government Taxes, security services, Seguro Social CCSS, school fees, etc and many more. Some services like paying local taxes with the municipalities are not ready yet, but are in the process and hopefully working soon.
Did you know that you can now pay your HOA fees monthly and automatically to your property manager?
You can also make donations for the Tamarindo association ADITamarindo or make monthly automatic payments of 30, 60 or US$100. Just set the amount, the start and end date.
Here are detailed instructions in English and Español for Banco Nacional users: 

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