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Plan B – The positive power after you bought property in Costa Rica.

Buying real estate in Tamarindoby: Jogi – Jürgen Gerner, Real Estate Broker

First, imagine you own a piece of paradise here at the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Relaxed living, wonderful climate with lots of sun, nice and friendly people, great food and a fantastic lifestyle. You can use your property, enjoy it with your family, invite friends, rent it, do a business, consider it as an investment and so on, the options are endless. Secondly, almost nobody realizes that there is another important factor which is very powerful. Let’s call it Plan B. It’s always good to have a Plan B, because it gives you the power to move on, the energy for a positive outlook and the piece of mind to keep cool. In the mid 90’s I had the opportunity to discover this positive experience by myself.


Some friends of mine and my wife and me bought together a small farm close to Tamarindo beach to be developed and segregated within our little group. It was unbelievable, without knowing exactly what will come next, it felt great to have this Plan B option. My colleagues and my boss at work asked me what is going on and why I’m so happy. Now and more than 20 years later I’m still so glad what we did. I recommend you to give it a try, we have some wonderful options for you, it’s easy, there is nothing to loose, only to win win win.

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