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Progress – Good News About Road Construction

projects around Tamarindoby: Mark Venegas, Real Estate Consultant

Although Costa Rica is still a third world country it has always made an attempt to grow and move forward in many different areas. We could talk in detail of its long list of accomplishments, and/or its list of not so nice mishaps, but for now let’s focus on our small and beautiful world around Tamarindo.

After an agonizing wait, due basically to bureaucracy, Tamarindo and the surrounding communities will be able to enjoy a new paved access road between Villarreal and the town of 27 de abril, which is scheduled to be completed by early to mid-2014. The work, which started at the beginning of July, is currently going through the process of replacing old and adding new drainage pipes and raising its level to create a base. This road, once completed, will represent about 15 minutes less driving time to get to Santa Cruz from Tamarindo, besides less wear and tear on our vehicles. But, the main and direct benefit will be the progress in infrastructure by the central government for our area, something that has been minimal for years. Most governments all over the world tend to be slow, but better late than never, or like they say here, tarde pero seguro (late but for sure).

In general, this year has been good to Tamarindo. New businesses have opened, new homes and townhouses have been built with more to come, and Real Estate sales are up. The fact that the central government has looked our way is definitely good and, hopefully, just the beginning. Of course more is needed, but for now let’s savor this progress and stay vigilant that this job is completed.

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  • Look to Nicaragua and Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala as third world. Costa Rica is a developing country. Big difference!

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