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Progress Report


When you live permanently in a location, you tend to obviate the changes in your environment. However, looking in detail into the last few months, several good things have been going on in Tamarindo and its surrounding areas. Just a few days ago, a very natural incident took place. Last Wednesday April 10th, we had the first rainfall of the year. This is typical of the dry/rainy season transition that might happen as early as late March or as late as May in a regular year.

This is good as vegetation turns green again, reducing the possibility of wildfires. We celebrate this and hope for a stable rainy season that will allow aquifers to recover from the dry season.


Langosta Tamarindo road work

Right here at the beach, a life guard tower was finished the past month of March in front of El Vaquero restaurant and bar. This tower with an optimal design and construction to serve this part of Tamarindo beach, was possible with the participation of ADI Tamarindo and fully financed by the Municipality of Santa Cruz. The beach will now be a safer place for swimmers, surfers and visitors in general thanks to the presence of this new element.

construction Tamarindo

Parque Oneida is currently being fully remodeled. This is another initiative impulse by ADI Tamarindo and executed by the Municipality of Santa Cruz. The local government has been doing work of permanent infrastructure in other coastal areas, like sidewalks, curbs and road paving in coastal town centers like Brasilito, Matapalo and Huacas. Drainage to handle upcoming heavy rainfall has also been a priority in different areas within this dry season. The project that impacts Tamarindo directly right now is the storm drainage and pavement of the road that connects Tamarindo with Playa Langosta. With wide sidewalks, this will definitely improve the experience tourists have while visiting the area.

Another major project that will impact Tamarindo is the new coastal aqueduct that started construction in November 2017. This one is about to be finished and will assure a reliable flow of potable water for several

water tank

communities in our area. It brings water from a very good aquifer located inland, protecting wells that are closer to the ocean that have been exploited for years to rest.

The Liberia International Airport is also a source of good news for the area. This terminal, finished in 2012, served 166,240.00 passengers las March, being this the busiest month since its opening. Flights from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe with an average of thirty per day and eighteen airlines coming here are being served. In 2018 1,125,170.00 passengers used this terminal and 2019 will definitely exceed that traffic. As a matter of fact, KLM just announced a flight between Amsterdam and Liberia starting October 29, 2019. More and more tourists from varied countries now have the alternative to visit Costa Rica and arrive directly to the province of Guanacaste.

Things are going well, very well.

Credits to: Federico Fernandez

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