Finca Cafeton – Possible Mountain Retreat with Ocean Views and Existing Coffee Plantation Ocean view

US$ 739,000
Property type: Business / Commercial
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  • Commercial potential
  • Ocean view


Finca Cafeton; is a possible mountain retreat with ocean views and an existing coffee plantation that sits atop the highest mountain in the region at 3,000 ft elevation. Coffee plays a key role in Costa Rica’s past and present. It has not only been vital for the country’s development but also remains one of its biggest exports and is hugely important for the economy. The perfect growing conditions and vast land areas are more favorable than other parts of the world. Read more about Costa Rica and its coffee history here. Although this Finca is more remote, there is a rustic cabin and storage building onsite made of local hardwood lumber. Water, electricity, septic are all in place as well as excellent cell service! Finca Cafeton is located about 1 hour from Tamarindo beach and 30 minutes from Nosara. This coffee plantation has over 60 miles of spectacular unobstructed ocean views looking due west, from Samara north to Tamarindo and north to Islas Catalinas.

Finca Cafeton is currently a running and profitable coffee plantation. Presently this 95-acre farm is planted with 25 acres of three different varieties of coffee; Venecia, Marselesa, and Café 95. Onsite they have a coffee de plumping machine, a concrete coffee drying platform, and a coffee parchment removal machine. This Finca also comes with various different vegetation including over 4 hectares of Melina; harvestable hardwood trees. The farmland is also dotted with native fruit trees such as mango, lemon, orange, papaya, banana, plantain, and avocado. Not only does this farm offers lots of fauna and flora according to the master plan it also has approximately 500 meters of road cut-through property and 4 terraces that have been cleared for future campsites or homesites.

Many studies have been carried out on this land to ensure it’s up to industry regulations, these include:

  • Topographical study accurate to every meter (2d and 3d models)
  • Municipal approval for 24 lot segregation as an option
  • Extensive studies for D1 and PGA certification including:
    • Master Plan of the farm with Charq Architects for 24 lots
    • Soil Studies
    • Forestry Study
  • Architectural Renderings for:
    • Ecolodge and grounds
    • Ecolodge cabins (2 types)
    • Homes for Lot Sites

Finca Cafeton; an exceptional coffee plantation farmland that encompasses Costa Rica’s history and beauty. It has great potential to become a profitable tourist/tour destination! Don’t miss out on this exceptional buying opportunity!

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