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Respect & Pura Vida

By Matt Bernard:
My son Jackson is seven years old and at the beginning stages of learning how to surf. We’ve been going surfing in the afternoons, after school for a few months now.

He has recently started paddling into his own waves without me pushing him and yesterday he paddled into the biggest and best wave he has ever ridden. I was about 30 meters away yelling “Go Jack, go!” There were about 4 or 5 adult men paddling for the same wave and were in the “right of way” position, but when they heard me rooting my son on, they gave him the right of way and let him get the wave.
This is the kind of vibe we have in and out of the water here in Tamarindo. If we had been somewhere else, I doubt it would have gone this way. The “kid-friendly, family community vibe” exists in and out of the water here. This is the main reason I chose the Tamarindo/Langosta area to raise my son.
Whoever you guys were yesterday, thank you so much for allowing my son to have the experience that has completely hooked him on surfing for life!

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