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Smart option for investment

Costa Rica has been and is still a smart option to invest your hard earned money. Its geography, fauna, and beaches along with its political stability, continues to attract investments, ranging from a small home to large projects. An excellent indication of this is the confidence the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) has shown by inaugurating their new building in San Jose this week.

“The BID finances large projects and developments in Latin America. A new Inter-American Development Bank (BID) building was inaugurated in San José on Monday. The BID is a regional entity that supports and finances various development projects throughout Latin America. “The BID has always been a strategic alliance, not only by facilitating financial resources in the areas of homes, health, education, energy, telecommunications, public transportation, science and technology,” said Luis Liberman, the second vice president, Monday night. “But it also provides us with technical support for vital projects such as fiscal planning.”Liberman added that the decision to construct a San José location is an indication that Costa Rica and the BID will continue to work closely together on future development projects.“The BID continues to be a protagonist in the fight to reduce poverty, the promotion of social equality, and to achieve sustainable economic growth in the region,” he said.”

Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, Tico Times.

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