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Tamarindo keeps amazing!

Tamarindo LabyrinthOnce you think you have seen every corner of Tamarindo and its surroundings, a new discovery pops up. Tamarindo is known for its world class surf, its great restaurants and outgoing lifestyle. It offers something for everyone’s taste. It was recently enriched with an art gallery, and word says there will even be a movie theater in the future. The beach is wonderful for all ages, you can swim the open sea to Captain’s Island (Isla Capitán), kayak, practice stand up paddle, and of course surf and boogie board as much as you desire. Enjoy taking a guided nature tour of the Tamaindo Estuary to bird watch and see other wildlife, all within the Playa Grande national park (Parque Marino Las Baulas) where you’ll also view the howler monkeys roaming around in the trees. This will please any nature lover. Yoga can be practiced in many places and excellent massages are easy to find. What more diversion could one place offer?

Well, for those seeking tranquility and serenity, the hills behind the bustling town of Tamarindo offer another amazing experience: there you will find a labyrinth made completely of cacti, considered to be the largest labyrinth in the world and the only one built around 2 energy domes. It has a surface of 1 ha, that’s so big you can see it on Google earth! Not to be confused with a maze, where you can get lost and need to try to find your way out, a labyrinth offers one single pathway to follow to the center of the labyrinth and to the depth of oneself. Walking the 1.7 miles (3 km) of the labyrinth, in the middle of the dry tropical forest, accompanied by the sounds of the howler monkeys and the songs of tropical birds, is an unforgettable and very spiritual experience.
One more reason to choose Tamarindo as your final destination or the place to come and live a “pura vida” life!

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