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Tamarindo Police Station Here to Stay

Tamarindo Police Station
Tamarindo Police Station


Good news! The so far successfully operating Police Station of Tamarindo will stay as is till the end of the year. After more than 2 years trying to help establish security in Tamarindo, countless meetings and several presentations, it is done. The government finally stepped in. An agreement was signed last week by the mayor of Sta. Cruz, Alexander Gutierrez, and the Minister of Public Security, Janina del Veccio. The funds have been transferred to pay for the rent of Cabinas Maleko until the end of 2009.

Many thanks to the residents of Tamarindo who with previous contributions helped keep an adequate Police Station and make it a success. The Government agreed to continue with this positive project, and we appreciate the local government of Sta. Cruz, especially the Regidores, who supported the idea from the beginning in order to help the Police Station of Tamarindo.

Also thanks to Rafael Araya, the regional director of the Fuerza Publica, Xinia Vasquez from the Policia Turistica and Erick Lacayo from the Fuerza Publica for their support. Not to forget Federico Amador the President of the Associación Pro Mejoras de Tamarindo for his great efforts.

It was greatly welcomed when the surrounding Associations like Adiplata from Tamarindo and the Associación Villarreal joined in the same efforts. They all will benefit from this positive outcome.
ProTamarindo will continue now, knowing that the Temporary Station at Maleko is secured, with their initial project of building the Official Tamarindo Police Station.

Build a Police facility that the community will be proud of.

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