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The Road Begins?

Work has commenced on the road to Langosta
Work has commenced on the road to Langosta

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By: Alex Bejarano

Any project from small to large can take quite a while living in Costa Rica. It’s the downside to living the laid back easy “pura vida” lifestyle. Recently however, the Government under the Arias Administration has been able to somehow stimulate the growth of infrastructure in the country. Things seem to be moving more smoothly and delivery dates of Government funded projects seem to be more accurate with their completion.

In San Jose there has been expansions of major roads systems in some of the most congested parts of the city. Toll booths have been constructed with “E-Z Pass” technology; a capability where an electronic toll collection system uses a small radio transponder mounted in or on a customer’s vehicle to deduct toll fares from a pre-paid account as the vehicle passes through the toll barrier. This reduces manpower at toll booths and increases traffic flow and fuel efficiency by reducing the need for complete stops to pay tolls at these locations.

While technologies like these are far from reaching our little beach town, (most likely & hopefully never) we are seeing much advancement in the paving of our roads. The main road of Tamarindo was completed last year and till this day we can still appreciate the great job that was done.

For six years now, our beach community has been highly anticipating the paving of the main road to Langosta, which is finally underway! At least as of June 1st, 2009 it appears to be. In front of our office we noticed the rigorous work involved in filling in the new Tamarindo Lake which formed with the past couple of downpours. Pacific Park was soon to be renamed Lakeside Park. Fortunately this issue has been solved and by the looks of it, it is the first stage of the project of paving the road all the way to Langosta.

We have received from a reliable source the time period in which this strip of road shall be completed. According to the project manager who works directly with The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT), the road will be finished in 1month…yes 1 month. I’m sure many of you also found this amusing, yet the source of the information should be taken a little serious considering his position. But we all know that even if the President of Costa Rica announced the road would be finished in 1 month we STILL wouldn’t believe it until we kneeled down and felt the asphalt with our own hands. There’s always hope though when we see something is being done.

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