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The Tamarindo Lifestyle

Tamarindo lifestyle

As you may know, Tamarindo is currently one of the most popular tourist towns of all Costa Rica. Not only is it sought out by surfers from all around the world, but many vacationers and ex-pats as well. Why has Tamarindo become such an attraction?

First of all, let’s start off with the neighborhood. Here you can find a diverse community made up of people from all around the world.

Plenty of activities and events take place every week in town such as the “Farmers Market” where you can meet new people, create friendships, buy artisanal food and crafts, and enjoy the day.

Second, and very important, would be the amazing beach that runs along with the town. The coast of Tamarindo provides waves for surfers all year round. Whether you’re coming to learn and grab your first wave, or you’re a professional and you’re looking to get some nice footage, Tamarindo has it all. Even if you’re not here to surf, there are plenty of beach chairs to rent, coconuts to sip on, and spots to relax and enjoy the sunset.

Lastly, would be all the services and amenities that are available throughout the town. If it’s 9’oclock in the evening and you’re hungry for pizza, sushi, or a typical meal, just walk down to the center of Tamarindo and it’s all there. You can also count on various pharmacies, supermarkets, stores, and different banks to choose from. All of these little things make the difference, whereas if you were living in a more remote area, you’d have to plan your trips to town.

So next time if you’re wondering why Tamarindo has become such an attraction, just get on a bus, rent a car, or buy a plane ticket and come on down and visit us!

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