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Trash collection not free of charge as announced

Email message from Tamarindo Recycling July 17th, 2010

Dear friends and neighbors of Tamarindo and Langosta,

It is with deepest apologies that we offer you the following correction of misinformation that we announced several months ago:

We were wrong when we informed all of you that the fee for trash collection provided by the Municipalidad de Santa Cruz is included in your annual property taxes.  It is not included in your property taxes.  It is a separate fee.  We sincerely apologize for spreading our grave misunderstanding to all of you.

You need to pay for your property’s trash collection at the Rentas department at the Municipalidad de Santa Cruz.  This office is in their main building by the park.  If you would like to call them, their phone number is 2680-0101, ext. 202 and ask for Leticia.  This fee is payable by trimesters and you may pay for as many trimesters at a time as you would like.  If your property is already in the Muni’s computer system, you only need to give them your name in order for them to tell you what you owe.  If not, you need to take a copy of your property’s plano catastro to the Catastro department before they can calculate the amount in Rentas.  According to our phone conversation with Leticia, a single family home might pay about 10,000c per trimester.  (That is not a promise; that is a repetition of information from Leticia.)

Please cooperate with the Municipalidad as they are providing an excellent service and helping us to keep Tamarindo clean.

And again, please forgive our mistake.

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