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Website Is Guide To Investing In Costa Rica


A new website by the government of Costa Rica aims to become a step-by-step guide of procedures for investment in Costa Rica.

The website,, although only in Spanish at the moment, provides the detailed procedures from the standpoint of the user.

The website allows Costa Rica to join a group of several other countries that have decided to show complete transparency in their administrative purposes.

In the Americas, the countries include Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia. forms part of the United Nations global transparency network.

The e-regulations system is implemented by UNCTAD to help developing countries and countries in transition work towards business facilitation through transparency, simplification and automation of rules and procedures relating to enterprise creation and operation. This system can contribute to greater transparency and efficiency in the public service, improved governance and cost reductions.

According to the UN webstie, objective of the system is four-fold:

* Provide full transparency on rules and procedures by offering online detailed, practical and up-to-date descriptions of the steps they have to go through, seen from the user’s viewpoint;

* Help governments to simplify procedures by allowing easy identification of unnecessary steps;

* Promote good governance by increasing the awareness of administrative rules and procedures, hence establishing the conditions for a balanced dialogue between the users of the public service and the civil servants;

* Set a basis for regional/international harmonization of rules by facilitating the exchange of good practices among countries.

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